International Sound Art Summer School Mainz 2019

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International Sound Art Summer School Mainz

August 2019 in Mainz, Germany


From mid to end of August 2019, an international sound art summer school will be held in Mainz, Germany. Invited by Prof. Peter Kiefer, three of the most internationally renowned sound artists today will teach master classes for artists and students from all over the world. The course will be delivered by Christina Kubisch (Berlin), Bernhard Leitner (Vienna), Miya Masaoka (New York) and Peter Kiefer (Mainz). The program will include theoretical sessions with experts in the field in order to facilitate exchange and debate among the participants.

Save the date of this unique event.
(2019, 15th August to 2nd September, subject to change)

More information soon on:

The School of Music at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz offers a two years masters programme Sound Art-Composition and a consecutive „Meisterschüler“-Degree in this field.

The project A.R.S. Art-Research-Sound is supported by the Gutenberg Research College and aims to open new prospects for interdisciplinary research on sound and sound art.

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